Wednesday 30 September 2020

Educating children in Green Thinking

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Separation Technologies, a TITAN Group subsidiary in U.S.A., launched a new initiative designed to educate elementary school children about the environment and the use of concrete. This innovative initiative uses an interactive robot named R.A.L.F. (Robotic Artificial Life Form) to educate children on the importance of environmentally friendly “green building and green thinking”. Originally designed for NASA, R.A.L.F. has been adopted by Separation Technologies to travel around U.S.A. making presentations in schools and auditoriums.

Separation Technologies was founded in 1989 to develop commercial applications for a proprietary electrostatic separation process invented by a company founder. By 1994, it was focused on implementing the separation technology to process fly ash for use in commercial applications rather than being disposed of in landfills. Since 1995, Separation Technologies has operated successful fly ash separation for such applications. It has been part of the TITAN Group since 2002.

More information and fun interactive experience with games, pictures, funs facts, and news about R.A.L.F., at R.A.L.F.’s website at