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TITAN Group products are directed to highly competitive markets. Focus on excellence in customer care, product quality and response recess to customers’ needs, are all parameters distinguishing TITAN from its competitors. Customer satisfaction is monitored continuously through informal contacts, as well as formal studies, visits and surveys.

Specialized workshops, customer days and meetings are organized by all TITAN operations to safeguard the proper use of products which, properly handled, do not present major health risks. Moreover, the Group Research and Development Department, in cooperation with safety and other experts, tests all products for potential risks. Material Safety Data Sheets are developed for each product to ensure both the safe use of the product and the transfer of necessary know-how and information throughout the supply chain. Product Sustainability is also attracting combined efforts by TITAN Sales Department and R&D (see Reducing the carbon footprint).

Customer Day, Cairo, Egypt, 2010

Distribution of TITAN
Group Social Product 2010

  • To employees for salaries, pensions and social benefits, including additional benefits beyond those provided by law:
    €239.1 million
  • To local and international suppliers:
    €801.8 million
  • For new investments in fixed assets:
    €87.2 million
  • Τo state and local authorities through taxation:
    €90 million
  • Return to shareholders and minorities:
    €17.2 million