Wednesday 1 February 2023


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Everyone working for TITAN is an ambassador of corporate values and culture. Employee engagement is a precondition for meeting social and environmental objectives since it is directly linked to delivering on commitments, innovative thinking and motivation for continuous self-improvement.

To ensure that employees are well informed on company issues, potential changes and future perspectives or challenges, regular meetings are held with management in all business units and countries. Employee communication days and employee opinion surveys, as well as digivoting, intranet and internet services are used for collecting direct feedback from employees on various issues including business strategy, corporate standards and policies, and performance.

Employees are encouraged to join efforts in on-going corporate volunteering programs, such as tree planting, blood donation, building homes for people in need, providing know-how, experience and time for NGOs or local community development programs, etc.

In 2010 a Group effort to better organize and «branch out» experience, know-how and best practices from corporate volunteering efforts was launched. It aims at inspiring and encouraging employee involvement in respect to the three areas that have been identified as Group priorities: 

  • Safety 
  • Environmental Sustainability 
  • Education and Social solidarity

New ideas and opportunities to take collective action have started to flourish within TITAN operations with the direct response of local management teams and employees. Among others, the «Amber Alert» partnership was established in Greece, encouraging TITAN employees’ network of 700 truck drivers who drive around the country to contribute to the efforts coordinated by a NGO to find children reported as missing.

Antea Employees, Albania, 2010

Distribution of TITAN
Group Social Product 2010

  • To employees for salaries, pensions and social benefits, including additional benefits beyond those provided by law:
    €239.1 million
  • To local and international suppliers:
    €801.8 million
  • For new investments in fixed assets:
    €87.2 million
  • Τo state and local authorities through taxation:
    €90 million
  • Return to shareholders and minorities:
    €17.2 million