Saturday 3 December 2022

Raw Materials

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In 2010 we used 21.3 million tons (dry basis) of raw materials for our total cement production. Approximately 5.3% of all raw materials (about 1.1 million tons dry basis) were alternative raw materials, namely by-products and waste disposals from other industries, such as fly ash, pyrite ash, blast furnace slag and industrial gypsum.

The remaining 20.2 million tons (dry basis) were natural materials from mining and quarrying activities. Compared to 2009, the consumption of alternative raw materials decreased in 2010, due to the reduction of sales in markets that favor blended cements.

Group target on CO2 emissions

 Reduce our specific CO2 emissions by 22% until 2015 compared to 1990

2015 target: 628kg CO2/t product which is also 5% below the projected for 2015 CO2 emissions by WBCSD

Group target on alternative fuels

 Substitute conventional fuels with alternative fuels by 10% (on heat base) until 2017