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Engaging with Stakeholders

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TITAN in Greece has fully supported collective efforts undertaken by the Hellenic Network for CSR to define national priorities for CSR. Moreover, in March 2010 TITAN organized two local forums: one in Elefsina plant and one in its Kamari plant. Both were focused on the needs of the local communities and aimed at giving feedback in a structured way, on efforts thus serving common interests and create added value for all.

Elefsina Stakeholders Forum

The relationship between TITAN and the city of Elefsina is more than 100 years old. It is the city that hosted TITAN’s first cement plant and therefore the life and the future of the city as well as the well-being of its people remain a priority for TITAN in Greece. Acknowledging the present conditions of the city of Elefsina, TITAN developed a proposal covering a number of large scale projects that could enhance and upgrade the wider Elefsina area. Forum participants representing key stakeholders at local level, after discussing all relevant issues, agreed to join efforts in the implementation of a «Road Map» for the benefit of all.

The Elefsina «Road Map» provides among else for : 

  • The connection of Elefsina’s archaeological sites with new roads and a park which will create a green belt around the city’s most important archaeological sites and its New Museum.
  • The construction of a new road to improve transportation and limit the traffic through the city’s center. 
  • The phasing out of the plant’s rotating kiln operation used in the production of white clinker over a period of 7 years after the economic recession.

Kamari Stakeholders Forum

The second local stakeholder forum was hosted in TITAN’s Kamari plant focusing on taking joint action and building partnerships with stakeholders. It covered the broader region, namely Thriassio Pedio, involving representatives of major industries operating in the region, municipal authorities, local NGOs and citizens actively engaged in community affairs.

The outcome of the Forum was an agreement to work together to implement actions under three key headings: 

  • Contribution of the business community
    • Take joint action to improve health and safety conditions for contractors’ crews and small-medium enterprises. 
    • Cooperate with local authorities to improve health and safety conditions for employees working in the disposal of municipal waste. 
    • Enhance technical training opportunities for the unemployed. 
  • Contribution of local government
    • Use of the Elefsina Council Environmental Information Center to promote and disseminate local initiatives for the environment.
    • Management and recycling of bulky waste items.
  • Community voluntarism
    • Promote, support and join efforts with local NGOs to encourage voluntarism in local schools.
    • Forge closer ties between the work of volunteer groups and the existing social services of local municipalities and NGOs.

The coordination of this voluntary agreement was delegated to task forces.

Working groups were also established to develop respective action plans for each task agreed at the Forum. The implementation of Forum decisions can be summarized as follows:

  • TITAN, Hellenic Petroleum and Halyvourgiki took the lead for the implementation of safety management courses for contractors and small and medium enterprises operating in the region.
  • A partnership agreement with the Hellenic Institute for Occupational Health & Safety, TITAN and the Municipalities of Elefsina, Aspropyrgos and Magoula fostered the implementation of three-day seminars for employees working for collecting and dIsposal of municipal waste.
  • The organization of technical training schemes for young unemployed people was delegated to a special committee formed with the support of the Industrial and Vocational Training Institute.
  • An agreement to support local NGOs focused on relating community voluntary actions with cultural and social priorities in the region.

Finally, Forum participants agreed to adopt the idea of repeating at regular intervals such Forums in order to evaluate results and discuss possible new initiatives.

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Distribution of TITAN
Group Social Product 2010

  • To employees for salaries, pensions and social benefits, including additional benefits beyond those provided by law:
    €239.1 million
  • To local and international suppliers:
    €801.8 million
  • For new investments in fixed assets:
    €87.2 million
  • Τo state and local authorities through taxation:
    €90 million
  • Return to shareholders and minorities:
    €17.2 million