Saturday 3 December 2022

Stakeholders dialogue and Engagement

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A two-way process is adopted to identify, evaluate and prioritize issues that could potentially have an impact on TITAN business. Workshops and interviews with managers representing the different activities and regions where TITAN currently operates are conducted every year to assess all issues with respect to the following value drivers:

  • reputation and / or brand value regulation and litigation
  • human capital operational efficiency
  • access to markets

Different stakeholder groups are recorded and ranked according to their significance and relevance to TITAN business and operations. The position of each stakeholder group in TITAN’s sphere of influence is one of the parameters estimated for stakeholders’ relevance. Different communication means are used to secure open and constructive dialogue with stakeholders, including forums, communication days, conferences, face-to-face meetings and disclosure of performance reports. The outcome of this process is guiding the evolution of TITAN’ s corporate social responsibility and sustainability strategy, policies, targets and practices at both local and Group levels.

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Health and safety, working conditions, stability and continuity Put emphasis on safety and wellness, leadership and adaptability, engagement through values and voluntarism
Investors CSR awareness building for investors. Leadership role in local markets. More aggressive climate change targets. Good combination of social and environmental focus Hold meetings and road shows, improve performance review and communication of environmental and social targets and outcomes
Safety, working conditions, moving beyond compliance, market conditions Continue and expand efforts and investments for enhancing sharing and learning
Customers Quality, market conditions, product sustainability Improve product sustainability, promote the use of new products, partner for better analysis of products life cycle
Communities Environmental and social footprints Community development and support Share know-how, experience and best practices, take joint action to add value and contribute to the well-being of neighboring communities. Find win-win opportunities
Governments Focus on national priorities
  • Engage with local and national CSR and sustainability networks and initiatives
  • Link business priorities with national CSR targets
NGOs “Do more good where you do most harm” Expand partnership programs Take leading role at national and local levels ο
  • Invest in improving skills and competencies at local level Strenghten joint action and partnership initiatives
  • Further improve reporting and accountability
International Organizations Implementation of Global Compact Sustainability Leadership Model Action as per the WBCSD/CSI Agenda for 2015
  • Support local Global Compact Networks and CSR business associations in Albania and Kosovo
  • Co-chair WBCSD/CSI
  • Promote and support implementation of Global Compact