Saturday 1 October 2022

Human Rights and Equal Opportunities

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The commitment to comply with the U.N. Universal Declaration on Human Rights (UNDHR) and the International Labor Organization Conventions regarding labor rights and working conditions is underlined by TITAN Group’s Code of Conduct and Code for Procurement.

Managing Directors in each TITAN Group company are responsible for the implementation of Group policies and voluntary commitments beyond legal requirements. On a regular basis, through specialized workshops, local management teams, in cooperation with Group directors and experts, examine exposure to human rights abuses, labor rights conflicts as well as all relevant issues and potential risks. A prioritization of issues in each country drives the development of local action plans, policies and practices. TITAN’s exposure to human rights risks is estimated in accordance to the relevance of each issue for TITAN operations and its significance for key stakeholders. All relevant initiatives are developed at site level, and local management is responsible for implementation.

Labor rights are respected and safeguarded following International Labor Organization Conventions and standards along with local regulations. All direct employees are covered by collective bargaining agreements in countries where such practices are applicable and participate through representatives in health and safety committees, providing support and advice for occupational health and safety programs.

Unions and other employee associations are operating in different countries and accordingly a new employee association was established in TITAN Albania last year.

Equal opportunities for all are also safeguarded by human resources policies at both Group and local levels. The percentage of women in employment was slightly raised in 2010 reaching 13% of total employment while participation of women in management has shown significant increase in Serbia and Bulgaria, countries which traditionally have better female representation in all functions.

More than 65% of all direct employees receive performance reviews on an annual basis and participate in programs for career development plans.

Investing in people through training and other developmental activities is focused on life-long learning and meeting business objectives. All employees participate in training and development schemes without any kind of exception due to age, gender, hierarhical level or else.

In 2010, significant effort was undertaken by TITAN Egypt regarding the launching and communication of an updated version of company policies covering all aspects of people management (see p. 40).

TITAN’s standards cover the following main principles:

Prohibit discrimination in all employment-related practices.

Working hours
Respect the right to leisure and avoid excessive overtime.

Wages and benefits
Guarantee a wage that -at a minimum- meets national legal standards and additional benefits responding to the needs of the majority and local priorities.

Apply appropriate disciplinary measures.

Prohibit harassment or abuse by co-workers or managers.

Child labor
Prohibit employment of under 18-year old

Forced labor
Prohibit any type of forced or bonded labor.

Freedom of association
Respect of the right of employees to form and join associations and to bargain collectively.