Saturday 1 October 2022

Training and Human Resources Development

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Investing in people remains a priority for TITAN Group. The continuous development of human resources is considered a catalyst for meeting business goals. Thus, despite the unfavorable circumstances, training for all employees, both direct and indirect increased in 2010. The total training man-hours were more than 160,000 and more than €1,200 million were invested with an average of €230 per employee.

Training courses were also implemented for more than 3,000 of our indirect employees on health, safety and technical know-how.

Apart from health and safety, which were again the topics mostly covered through training, leadership and management skills, technical knowledge, as well as environmental management were also included in last year’s programs.

New training courses and modules on CSR and sustainability, stakeholder engagement, waste management, risk management, etc. have been introduced in long-term Group training initiatives such as the “Career Preheater”, an early career program transmitting valuable knowledge and experience. CSR workshops with top executives and managers were implemented last year in U.S.A., Egypt and Bulgaria.

In accordance with TITAN Group business strategy and the value of “continuous improvement”, a “360o feedback assessment process” addressed to senior management was implemented in 2010 to ensure that short- and long-term development programs will meet individual needs and priorities while addressing future organizational demands.



TITAN’s standards cover the following main principles:

Prohibit discrimination in all employment-related practices.

Working hours
Respect the right to leisure and avoid excessive overtime.

Wages and benefits
Guarantee a wage that -at a minimum- meets national legal standards and additional benefits responding to the needs of the majority and local priorities.

Apply appropriate disciplinary measures.

Prohibit harassment or abuse by co-workers or managers.

Child labor
Prohibit employment of under 18-year old

Forced labor
Prohibit any type of forced or bonded labor.

Freedom of association
Respect of the right of employees to form and join associations and to bargain collectively.