Friday 15 December 2017

Understanding our Footprint

ΤΙΤΑΝ Group is a vertically integrated group of companies producing and trading cement and other building materials.

Principal products include cement, concrete, building blocks and Pro AshTM.

Pro AshTM is an innovative, low-carbon fly ash, allowing for better control of concrete mixtures, fewer batch-plant and many other advantages in construction, consumption of raw materials and waste management.

TITAN products have many applications in residential and non-residential construction as well as infrastucture. The products are transported by road, or by rail and ship when possible.

Measuring contribution to social and environmental sustainability remains a challenge as the context changes depending on the type of activity, the country and location, the perceptions, expectations and priorities of the business and its stakeholders.

Mapping, assessing and transferring of best practices as well as experience gained is both strengthening our commitment and ensuring delivery of results.